Sunday, June 2, 2013


We are all home, safe and sound but exhausted. It was a very long flight to the US for us, 10 hours, then another 3 hours home. I dont know if I could ever do a flight that long again, sitting still for that long even getting up once in awhile is not a pleasant experience. Even now, I'm still so tired I can't even think straight.
I want to thank everyone for joining in our incredible journey. I had fun posting and sharing pictures with you all. The blog has also helped us to keep track of what we did and where we went every day. It is all a blur to me and now I can use my blog to remind me of what we did and my thoughts of the day. Even the weather too.
Terri, Allen, Debbi and Judy

Dont be surprised if you see another post or two.

Friday, May 31, 2013

London-Last Day

Today was our last day of our vacation and we spent it in London. We caught the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station and from there we decided to pay for the Hop on/off bus tour since it stops at all the places we wanted to see. It was easier than the trying to figure out the bus routes and cheaper than a taxi. We wanted to see 2 of the museums we had missed on our first week in London, the National Gallery and The British Musuem. We also went to Fortnum & Mason, the department store where the Queen shops. Mom wanted to get some tea, this time we didn't lose it. By the time we got to the National Gallery it was sunny and beautiful, the warmest day we have had in England. Allen and I zipped through really fast, saw paintings by Ruebans, Van Goh(was not impressed), Monet and lots of others. I think I liked the one of a dragon eating a guys head the best (only because I love dragons and the guy probably deserved it). We went back outside to Trafalger Square to get pictures of the lions at the base of Nelson's Column. Allen really wanted to sit on one so I could get a picture. All he could do was sit by the side of one, they are too big. After the gallery, we went to the British Musuem. I could have spent all day there but we only had a couple hours. We were able to see all of the main objects; the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, the Lindow Man(a 2000 year old bog body). We were running out of time and had to catch a bus back to the train station. On the way we stopped at Buckingham Palace because I hadn't seen it the first week when I was sick. It was very crowded but we were able to get some pictures. We caught a train back, weary from our long day out. We talked of all the wonderful things we had seen and experienced, the things we missed seeing, but we are all very ready to head home. Mom is very tired and wants to be in her own home, Debbi is anxious to see Joe and her fur-babies, and we can't wait to see Jaden & Bray. Allen would have jumped ship and left a week ago if he could have.
I have a few pictures from today and tomorrow I will probably have one more post while we wait for our plane.
Trafalger Square, it was very crowded in London today

Allen in front of one of the huge lions
The Rosetta Stone
Buckingham Palace
The gates were beautiful

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bath/London pics


We walked up to the part cone shape meets the square. 
There is a ledge that Allen walked out on


We are back in London for our last 2 days then we will be on our way home. We are all ready to leave on Saturday, we are starting to get worn out. We arrived at our hotel this morning and we were so glad that it was the last time we would be dragging our suitcases on and off the train. They are getting so heavy.
Yesterday-I didn't blog yesterday because we got in too late from Salisbury. When we left Bath in the morning it was just a little cloudy with some sunshine but the day ended up cold and rainy. We went to the Cathedral which of course was beautiful. It also had a copy of the Magna Carta (the british version of the Declaration of Independance) that dates from the early 1200's. Debbi and Allen also talked me into doing the Tower Tour. I told them I hated them by the first balcony. There were a little over 300 steps but that's not what bothered me. It was the heights that got to me. The balcony overlooking the Nave, the narrow stone steps with only a rope to hold on to, the open wooden spiral stair. When we got to the second one in the bell tower I couldn't go any further. I sat and waited for them and then we had to go back down. I almost kissed the ground when we were done. After the cathedral we got a taxi to Stonehenge. It's about 15 miles outside the town and what surprised us so much is that your driving out into the country and all of a sudden it's just there at the side of the road and there's only a 4 foot fence around it. We had to wait for about an hour before we could do the inner circle tour we had booked, so Allen and Debbi walked around the stones while Mom and I tried to stay dry. After the site had closed we were able to go in with security guard. It was surreal and awesome at the same time. It was one of the coolest things we have done this whole trip, to stand there in the middle of the stones that are so iconic of early Britain. Visiting the Cathedral and Castles have been amazing but Stonehenge was started in 2600bc. After a half hour of wondering through the stones in the rain and with the humming pagon priestess' we caught a train back to Bath.
   Today-after dropping our bags off, we went into London and rode the Tube to Nottinghill. We had fun trying to figure out which line to take and how to buy tickets. We walked Portabello Road, poking in and out of antique shops and tacky souvenir shops. We found the bookstore that is used in the movie Nottinghill.
Chalk horse, very old

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Lets try this again. I hate this iPad, grrr
In the clock tower

View of the Roman Baths from the top of the Abbey

I should add that Allen brought me cough drops and tissue because I have had a cold and he had a coke in his back pack, so as Debbi always says "all is golden".


Today started out gloomy and rainy. And ended gloomy and rainy. It was also one of those days where nothing went right. Mom stayed at the apartment and had a down day while Allen, Debbi and I took the train to visit the Cotswolds. Well, that's how the day was supposed to go. We have been very lucky on this trip in that everything has gone smoothly and we have had mostly perfect weather, so one bad day isn't going to ruin it. After almost 6 hours of wasted time on trains and buses we ended up back at the apartment. I was exhausted and took a nap, after resting a bit Debbi and Allen went to the Abbey and climbed the 212 steps to the top. I hate them both. They came back all jazzed and full of stories and I was still tired. Then to top it off, Allen forgot my diet coke. My mood is just as gloomy and grey as the day has been. Ever cheerful Debbi tells me to look at life with my glass half full not half empty. Grumble, grumble. 
On the train-

Climbing the stairs in the Abbey