Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today started out gloomy and rainy. And ended gloomy and rainy. It was also one of those days where nothing went right. Mom stayed at the apartment and had a down day while Allen, Debbi and I took the train to visit the Cotswolds. Well, that's how the day was supposed to go. We have been very lucky on this trip in that everything has gone smoothly and we have had mostly perfect weather, so one bad day isn't going to ruin it. After almost 6 hours of wasted time on trains and buses we ended up back at the apartment. I was exhausted and took a nap, after resting a bit Debbi and Allen went to the Abbey and climbed the 212 steps to the top. I hate them both. They came back all jazzed and full of stories and I was still tired. Then to top it off, Allen forgot my diet coke. My mood is just as gloomy and grey as the day has been. Ever cheerful Debbi tells me to look at life with my glass half full not half empty. Grumble, grumble. 
On the train-

Climbing the stairs in the Abbey


  1. Ok, now the truth... It was a great day, sometimes the adventure is in getting lost. We saw the countryside, found a McDonald's, rode a city bus. My glass is always full, half with happiness the other half sunshine, join me ,I have room.
    We brought you a magnet, cough drops and tissue. Lmao. Gloomy Gus, you will do Salisbury tomorrow if I have to put you over Allen's shoulder. I love you. You are my travel guru....

  2. LOL I can imagine how frustrating it must have been for you. But like Debbi said you need to keep looking at your glass as half full. Debbi you are so right, sometimes getting lost is a great adventure!! Now what I would have been grouchy about is the energy that Debbi and Allen have cause that's the way I used to be!! lol Hang in there Terri, hang in there! Big hugs my friend!