Saturday, May 25, 2013


I wasn't able to post last night because the Internet was down in the hotel, so I'm blogging tonight from our next destination, Bath. We took the train this morning from Edinburgh, it was a long 7 hour train ride.
(I need to add this small note, please excuse any punctuation or grammatical errors as its usually very late when I post)
Yesterday-Our last day in Edinburgh we went to Rosslyn Chapel, south of Edinburgh. It was a little outside our comfort zone because we took the local bus to get there, but we did just fine. Most of the time we can find someone to ask directions or silly American questions. The bus drivers aren't always helpful but everyone else has been wonderful. I really like the Scots compared to Londoners, they are warm and welcoming. And I'm in love with the Scots Burr! I would stay here longer just to be able to go home with the accent. 
Anyway, about Rosslyn, it was a lovely ride thru the countryside to see it. It was very cold and blustery when we got there but it had a great visiter center to stay warm in. I'm so glad we got see the Chapel, I know Debbi loved it, but Allen and I felt it was our favorite of all the churches we have seen. It was very "cozy" I thought, accessible to everyone. There are carvings everywhere, and if you have seen the movie "Da Vinci Code" you know what it looks like. Because of the movie, Rosslyn Chapel has become VERY popular. But because of that, they have raised a lot of money for conservation of the Chapel and built the visitor center. After Rosslyn, we went to the Queens Gallery at HolyRood House Palace. Even though we couldn't go in the Palace we were able to visit the gallery. Allen wasn't impressed at all, it was just photos this time of Prince Edward's trip to the middle east back in the 1850's. But we did get photos of the Palace through the fence. Then it was back to the hotel for an early night.

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  1. Oh Terri, you don't have to apologize for your spelling or anything!! I know how tiring this tip must be because you have to constantly be moving to see everything. So much to do and so little time!! The fact that you are blogging about this trip is amazing to me, not sure where you are getting the energy from! Hugs my friend!!