Monday, May 13, 2013


Today we went to Hampton Court Palace. It was Henry VIII main palace where he wedded, bedded, and beheaded most his wives. They were actually beheaded at the Tower of London but that's Wednesday trip. But first we had to learn how to negotiate the Waterloo train station. First off, you have to push & shove against the flow of traffic. Everyone is arriving into London not leaving. Once we got into the station we found out that even if you know the time you want to leave, the platform is not always announced on the board right away. So we stood and waited like every one else watching the times and destinations update. What we learned the hard way was that we needed to be in the middle of the line of platform gates because, of course, we were standing at #16 when we were leaving from #4. The board updates about 5 minutes before the train leaves so we hurried to platform 4. Mom was a trooper through all of it, her knees won't let her hurry. Allen has been wonderful helping her with stairs and when we are in a hurry. We arrived at HC and were very impressed by how large it is. Once you got into the inner buildings you realize it's just like a small village. There are buildings connected by walls with inner baileys and courtyards, with small alley ways between, a chapel, kitchens, and gardens. The gardens at the back with what Allen called the bell trees were huge. There is also a large maze but we didn't explore it. We did have a little excitement when the fire alarms went off and we were ushered out into the garden. I was with mom but we didn't know we're Allen and Debbi were. They were ok but at another area. It was a false alarm(we think one of the many school kids that were there pulled an alarm). After that we headed back to London. We are still trying to adjust to the time difference. Our sleep patterns are totally messed up.

Stained glass window in the Kings gallery

The kitchens


  1. Wow you are getting some fabulous pics Terri!!! I am so happy to see that you got a pic of all of you! Looks and sounds like a great time, although I would be with your mother and have a hard time with my knees and the stairs. So glad that Allen is helping her. Not sure about the pushing and shoving part either, I think I would flip out! lol Glad that things are going well for you my friend and that you guys are having a fabulous time! Hugs!!

  2. Beautiful pics Terri I can picture myself right along with you. I love the stained glass window. Beautiful Blue.

  3. Hi Terri, Allen, Dennie and mom! I love love the pictures! Did you bring a professional photographer with you? Sounds like you all are getting a lot of activities done, I'm really enjoying reading your daily travels!

  4. YAY! it posted! But my thing did auto correct and changed Debbie's name!