Monday, May 20, 2013


View at the top

View of streets

Debbi, taking a breather after the climb

My favorite stained glass window(the round one)


  1. You are making me so jealous!!! Your pictures are wonderful. Love the stained glass and loving your post.

  2. Love the round stained glass window also. Love all your post Terri.

  3. There appear to be no straight streets in all of England. Bootiful!

  4. It is amazing how all the houses/buildings are so close together. Remember I'm from the country. lol I love to all the angles of the streets and such. Debbie is looking tired after that climb but good for her for doing it!! You guys look like you are having the time of your lives and I'm so happy that you are! Loving the round stain glass too!!! Hugs!