Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today was an away day. We took a train trip to Windsor Castle and Eton. It was a beautiful day, mostly sunny all day and didn't rain until we were about to leave. We had our first experience with the Tube and its not one we want to repeat. There are just too many people pushing and shoving, trying to get where they are going fast. Lots of stairs or narrow escalators. We caught a tube to Paddington station and then from there an overland train which was calmer and less crowded. Windsor was everything we expected and we loved it. We watched the changing of the guards, which was a bit too long but Mom was anxious to see. We visited St. George's Chapel where we didn't realize that Henry VIII is buried along with Queen Elizabeth's parents and grandparents. We visited the state rooms and were overwhelmed with the history and priceless collections of art and furnishings. Afterwards, we walked through the village and soaked up the atmosphere. Then it was time to head back to London. Everything is starting to catch up with us, our legs and feet are killing us and we are so tired we fall into bed at 8. As much as we love London we are glad tomorrow is our last day then we leave for York on Saturday. Things should slow down after that.

Garden where the mote used to be

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  1. Wow Terri you guys are seeing some awesome sites! But I am sure that you guys are getting tired and it seems to be very fast paced-I would not do well with the fast pace. lol So I get why you are falling into bed by 8pm every night!! I am loving seeing this trip through your "eyes" and I loving the fabulous scenes you are posting! I love that you had some sunshine too!! lol Hugs!