Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today was the first day that I really missed the weather back home. It started out beautiful then quickly became a typical British day. Rainy, drizzling, drippy and soggy day. At least it wasn't windy, that would make it colder. We were prepared for it but it made me wish (just for a second) for a heat wave. Our itinerary was a little ambitious for a walking day. We weren't able to fit everything in but we will play catch up at the end of our trip.
We visited Westminster Abbey first, getting there early to beat the crowds. The Abbeys stonework & carvings are very intricate. It's hard to believe it was built almost a thousand years ago. The oldest tomb inside is from 1066. Inside was not as big as I thought it would be after watching Will and Kate's wedding, but it is beautiful. Besides being a church it is also a cemetery, as mom said. There are over 2000 tombs inside. There are monuments and grave markers every which way you look. They are on the floor, the columns, the walls, in every alcove and nook you see. You are literally walking over them. We couldn't take pictures of course but it was awesome to see Queen Elizabeth 1st tomb along with Charles Darwins and Sir Laurence Olivier. 
After that we spent the day at different museums, one of them was the National Portraite Gallery. We saw the new painting of Kate. I liked it and I didn't. Our day ended at Horseguards and the Household Calvery to watch a ceremony. The ceremony happens every day at 4 and is called the "Punishment Parade". Queen Victoria caught the guards drinking & gambling and decreed that for the next 100 years they would perform this ceremony.
Big Ben in the sunshine.

Westminster Abbey

North entrance

Horseguards ceremony

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  1. Wow, I am loving these pics Terri!! I can't believe I'm hearing you correctly and that you miss the heat of CA. lol Sounds like it is typical weather for there at least from what I have heard. Now you have first hand experience. lol Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip!! I liked hearing about Westminster Abby, I didn't realize that there were so many tombs in there! Glad that you are giving us a history lesson too!!! Hugs!!