Monday, May 20, 2013


This was our last day in York, tomorrow we are leaving for Edinburgh, Scotland. We went back to the Cathedral today to tour it. This Cathedral was different than the others we have visited. Besides being the most beautiful of them, it is very large and has wonderful carvings and stained glass windows. And we were actually aloud to take pictures. The inside is very open and spacious and somewhat plain compared to the ones we have visited, but the stained glass makes up for it. We couldn't visit the Undercroft where the tombs and treasury are but there were some above that dated back to the early 1500's. I was able to get pictures of the stalls we sat in for Evensong. Allen and Debbi went on the tower tour and walked up a narrow spiral stair to the top. They got some great pictures of the area around the Minster, with all its historical buildings and narrow streets. One of my favorite things about this Cathedral were the Gargoyles, there were quite a few of them in all shapes and sizes.
After the Minster, we went to Tea again (lots of fun and yummy), did a little shopping and then visited the Yorkshire museum. It was near the river and the ruins of an old Abbey. On the other side is the ruins of a wall and turret that surrounded the city. I don't think I will get used to all the ancient bits of history everywhere you turn. One of the funniest things we saw today was a sign outside a shop that said "don't lean on the counter, it is very old".
I've got to do some re-arranging of our suitcases now, they are starting to get filled up with souvenirs. Not a good thing, according to Allen.
View of the Nave

The Choir

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  1. Wow, these pics are amazing!! I am so loving this Cathedral! The windows and stain glass is beautiful! Thanks for letting us see your trip through your pictures Terri. I'm so enjoying this! Hugs my friend!