Saturday, May 18, 2013


We left this morning for York, cramming all of our suitcases in a cab to Kingscross Station. Of course, when we got there we had to find the luggage trolley at platform 9 3/4 for Hogwarts and get pictures. Since our rail tickets are first class we were able to use the First Class Lounge. We didn't know this and I'm so glad Allen asked. It's a private lounge with free bathrooms, drinks and snacks. It also has its own entrance to the train. It was a very cool way to start our day. When we got on the train we found the first class very roomy and, again, we got free drinks and lunch. What's funny is that the tickets were less than if we bought individual standard class. It's because we are traveling together. We arrived in York and decided to walk the 10 minutes to the hotel. Mistake! We are getting a taxi back when we leave. After we got settled in and rested, we went for a walk. The cathedral and the old part of town is partly surrounded by a Roman wall that was started in AD 71, unbelievable! Sometimes it's hard to take in the dates and history that we are learning about. We walked part of the wall and then thru the small windy streets. If you took out all the modern shops it would look like it did 200 plus years ago.

There were fields of mustard plants along the way

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  1. I am way behind on your pics Terri, they stopped coming to my email for some reason and then I happened to realize that I wasn't getting them! The train looks like so much fun!! And how awesome that you guys have the first class tickets and get the "extras". That is always a great plus! Looks like you guys are having a fabulous time! Love the pic of you and Allen on the train!!! Hugs!