Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today started out cold and windy, with some sprinkles but ended up a nice day. We even had some sunshine a few times. I can see why the Brits head to parks at the slightest hint of sunshine. They have a park here in London that sets up lawn chairs and rents them for £1.50 for an hour, that's $2.25. 
We went to the Tower of London today to see we're political prisoners were held and beheaded. The Crown Jewels are there also. They are very beautiful, I wish we could have taken pictures of them. We spent the morning exploring the different towers. One of the most fascinating things was the graffiti prisoners left on the walls. After the Tower, we took a river cruise to Greenwich village to see the Prime Meridian, 00.0 longitude. We had fun standing on each side. We also had lunch at a pub and had a Scotch egg. It's a boiled egg wrapped in sausage and breaded, surprisingly it was good. Our legs were killing us by now so we headed back to London by train. We haven't got the hang of the trains quite yet so after sitting on the platform and 2 trains pass us, we decided to ask someone's help and figured out we should have jumped on one of them. We are learning something new everyday. After we got back we went on the London Eye and got some really cool pictures.

The White Tower 

A Tower Raven

Some graffiti

A scotch egg

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