Friday, May 17, 2013

London-Last Day

Today was our last day in London, tomorrow we leave for York. I only have a few photos of today, we are trying to figure out how to get some off of Allen's iPod. He took the best ones today.
We went to St. Paul's Cathedral in the morning. I couldn't take pictures but Allen got some of the city from the top of the dome that were breathtaking. St. Paul's is a very beautiful church, they all have been, but it had more of a sacred feel. It's very large inside with a few monuments tucked into the sides. Most of the tombs are down in the crypt. The central area under the dome was awe inspiring, you look up and wonder how in the world did they build it. The mosaics above the Nave were breathtaking but what moved me the most was the memorial at the back of the alter. It's to the American soldiers that fought and died with the British. There is a very large book written by hand in caligraphy that has all their names and ranks. Any family member can ask to view the name of their soldier that died. Allen, Debbi, and I walked up the spiral stairs to the Whispering Gallery. It was 257 steps to this point, Allen went up the rest of the way to the top, over 500 steps in all. He got some great photos up there. My legs were killing me the rest of the day. After St. P's, we went to Twinings Tea house. Poor mom, after walking blocks and getting her teas and tin, found out at the end of the day that we had misplaced her bag. None of us could remember where we might have left it. After sending her back to the hotel we went Spitalfields market to do some shopping. It was fun looking at all the flea market stuff. As exciting as London has been we are all ready to be packing and moving on tomorrow.
St. Paul's

Mom and her lost bag of tea, grrr


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  1. Boy you made me tired going up all those steps Terri!! And then Allen went the rest of the way up!!! Gosh, he's got good legs!! Can't wait to see his pics!! I'm so sorry about your mother's lost bag of tea, what a shame. You guys need a big bag to put all the bags in. I hope she can get some more to take home with her. Enjoy the slower pace come tomorrow. Can't wait to see what it next in the pics!!! I'm having an awesome vacation through your eyes!!! Hugs!