Monday, May 27, 2013


Today we took a day trip to Oxford to visit Blenheim Palace. We took 2 trains and a local bus to the front gates, we are seasoned travelers now. We have no problems hopping on and off the trains, standing on platforms, looking, with our noses in the air like everyone else, staring at the boards waiting for the departure/arrival info. We arrived to find Blenheim very busy. Today is a holiday here in the UK and there were some Civil War(UK) re-enactments going on. The Blenheim estate grounds are very large over 2000 acres. It has huge gardens and open green areas with a lake. The locals visit and walk their dogs and have picnics. The Palace has been in the same family for over 300 years and is the ancestral home of Winston Churchill, so there was some info on him. It was very beautiful and interesting and we loved seeing it but it was way over the top. It showed all the excesses of the time and its no wonder they sold almost everything to keep the estate running. Allen, as usual, zipped through the exhibits and went on a walk around the grounds. Mom, Debbi and I did it the easy way and took a buggy ride around the grounds. We found out that a scene in the 5th Harry Potter film was made here. It's very short and is of a tree by the lake. It made Moms day to see it. After a very long day we went back to Bath exhausted. Tomorrow is another day trip but I think Mom is staying here at the apartment, she is getting tired.

The Harry Potter tree
Long day for everyone


  1. I KNEW I managed to instill a little of my socialism in you! Loved your conclusion about the mixed feelings between "wow, amazing" and "it feels icky thinking of the cost to others for this opulence." ... lol. And, hey, what's with all that sunny weather in the UK? very weird. ... hugs.

  2. Magnificent pictures Terri! I can imagine all the "feelings" of being at the estate grounds, wow it is big! You all are looking really tired, I think your mother is a trooper going like she had been but I think it is a good idea to recharge her batteries! I know I'd never be able to do a trip like this!! Love the "Harry Potter" tree!! Hugs!