Thursday, May 23, 2013


We took a day trip to Stirling Castle today. It's about an our north of Edinburgh by train. I'm glad our train tickets are not set to any particular time, one minute I think we have the hang of it then the next we are missing the train. Luckily there is usually another train right after. What makes it hard to plan a trip is that the platforms you leave from are not posted til just before or as the train is boarding. So it is very confusing for us.
We caught our train and arrived in Stirling then took a taxi to the top of the cliff where the Castle sits.  It's all uphill, with the town of Stirling built along the slope. Stirling is a fortress just like Edinburgh Castle, all stone and battlements and Allen had a good time climbing all over it. We spent a few ours at the castle until it got too cold and windy. We had had a small downpour when got there but the rest of day was dry. It was the wind that was bitterly cold, you could hear it outside the stone buildings we were in.
After Stirling, we decided to stop in Falkirk to visit the Falkirk Wheel. It is a large mechanical lock the moves boats between canals. These 2 canals hadn't been in use for a long time until the government decided to do a revitalization of the canals and locks throughout Scotland. In Falkirk they built a very large mechanism that I can't begin to explain. It was very cool and we were glad we stopped. Hopefully you will be able to figure it out from my pictures.

They had people in costume explaining the history

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  1. These castles are so amazing Terri! It sounds like the winds around here! lol I think you guys are doing so great with getting around with the trains and such! Dwayne and I would be so lost. lol I'm in awe of you guys and so proud of you navigating your way around!! Hugs my friend!